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Smart Freight is a leading logistics and air freight forwarding company in UAE, and we can assist you in safely delivering your goods to anywhere in the world at an affordable price. Whether it be an air freight shipment, apparel component, household article, leather product, or any other cargo you may request, we can deliver to the deadlines required by our clients.

With our international network of service representatives and industry experts, we will ensure that your goods will be transported professionally, reliably, and cost-effectively according to your schedule and business requirements.

A large number of air freight forwarding companies are located in Dubai; however, choosing a reliable freight forwarder is of utmost importance. The Smart Freight Company provides its customers with highly flexible air freight solutions that allow them to ship their goods freely around the world.

As a digital freight forwarder, we offer our customers highly flexible air freight solutions that simplify the shipping process.

Why we are unique from other air freight companies Dubai?

Regardless of the fragility or volatility of a shipment, smart freight will transport it effectively. Our high level of client service distinguishes us from our competitors. We believe this is the reason for our clients’ positive experiences with us.

Our solutions, whether it is a sea, land, or air freight service, are designed to save, generate, and ultimately build our customers’ businesses in Dubai and around the world.

It is imperative for our customer service representatives to establish a professional working relationship with their clients in order to provide them with a solution that meets the needs of their cargo.


If you need something delivered quickly, air freight is the way to go. It is, without a doubt, the quickest and safest method of transporting products from one location to another.


Shipping is the fastest.

As previously stated, air freight forwarding is the quickest mode of transportation, ensuring that clients receive their shipment on time. Because air freight is much faster than sea freight, it is an excellent solution for consumers who are worried about cargo delivery on time.


Transportation that is safe and secure.

Because the security of the cargo is supervised and controlled by airport safety officials, air freight has perhaps the highest level of safety. It significantly decreases the possibility of cargo theft.


Warehousing Requirements are minimal.

Another prominent development of air freight services is that the need for warehousing for cargo management is considerably reduced with air cargo delivery. Air shipping offers quick delivery times, reducing the requirement for warehousing and keeping shipping items in store for extended periods of time.


We provide quality logistic services at competitive price as we are one of the most active members of the three major international Freight Forwarding Networks. We offer quick, secure & flexible shipping services. We are connected with some of the major global shipping carriers to fulfill your requirements as per your needs.

Air Freight Forwarding Solutions

We Provide the Following Air Freight Forwarding Solutions: