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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance in Dubai

Customs clearance in Dubai is the process of obtaining a clearance to import goods to Dubai Customs area from a foreign country or to move goods out of Dubai Customs area to a foreign country. A variety of standards must be met, and the Dubai Customs authorities must be paid with all fees and taxes that apply.

Over the years Smart Freight have cleared all types of shipments, both primary and secondary, for a variety of goods from over the world with complete accuracy. Being customs clearing specialists, we do a proper study of all local regulations so that we can help you overcome even the most demanding concerns of trade compliance in UAE.

To pass through customs clearance in Dubai, you will need to produce necessary paper works, which includes a valid passport, business invoices, and other important papers. Tariffs and taxes may also be owed on the goods you are importing or exporting.
The customs clearance procedure in Dubai can be challenging and time-consuming, thus it is advised to seek the assistance of an experienced customs broker.

We are the highly committed for achieving customers delight with well experienced team in handling different commodities and highly efficient in customs clearance in Dubai. We identify the demands, challenges, and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your customs clearance paperwork accordingly so that day-to-day formalities are met, and your business flows smoothly.

Best Customs Brokers in Dubai, UAE

There are many customs brokers who offer customs clearance services to businesses, here Smart Freight  is best customs clearance in Dubai. The kind of commodities you are importing or exporting, the nations of origin and destination, and your particular demands will all affect which customs broker is best for you.

It’s important to select a customs broker that has a solid reputation and is familiar about the kind of items you are importing or exporting. To ensure that the broker has the skills and experience required to manage your particular needs, you can examine the broker’s credentials and ask for references.

You should also consider the brokerage fees and the level of service they offer. While some brokers may provide more comprehensive services including help with paperwork, customs compliance, and logistics, others may provide more straightforward services. Pick a broker who can handle your needs and price range.

Working with a customs broker like Smart Fright who has a committed partnership with the customs authorities in the nations you are importing from or exporting to can also be beneficial as this can speed up the customs clearance procedure in Dubai, UAE. Overall, in order to ensure that your import or export process runs successfully, it is crucial to conduct deep research and select a trustworthy and knowledgeable customs broker like smart freight. 

Customs Clearance in Dubai, UAE

Our experts  will monitor you from place to place, ensuring that there are no delays in transit. Delays like these can be inconvenient and cause projects to be further delayed. Going ahead without a customs clearing agent in Dubai can be risky, since you may be required to fill out last-minute paperwork.


In spite of that there may be delays as a result of security checks and other factors. You will not have to deal with the hassle of such disruptions in your business if you use Smart Freight in Dubai. 


We will work around any duties that may be levied and ensure that your shipment is allowed to pass through as soon as feasible.

Our Customs Clearance Services include:

We have skilled team who are very well experienced in the Customs clearance services. We have decent associations with the Customs and additional associated authorities and also the Municipality & Health sectors, and as a result, we can give distribution of the goods to our customers without any postponement.

We are appreciated for providing quick and speedy delivery of cargo with total transparency in accounts and financial transactions. And we take pride in having staffs well versed with the customs nomenclature, regulations and processes of UAE.


What are Documents Required for Clearance of Commercial Shipment?

Shipments moving from one international destination to another require customs clearance. Every country has its own laws set by the government and shipping companies and carriers should be aware of  and monitor new laws related to customs  to avoid skipping mandatory paperwork in international trade. Customs clearance in Dubai generally requires a large number of documents to be checked and submitted, either electronically or physically, along with the shipment. why? This is to assist responsible officials in calculating the taxes and duties levied on shipments ready for dispatch. The documents to be submitted to customs vary depending on the type of goods being shipped. 

Customs regulations vary depending on the country of origin and final destination. However, there are some common specific documents that businesses must comply with when importing or exporting goods. Smart freight has trained professionals with great expertise to handle all your customs clearance work in Dubai with ease. Let’s take a look at the general documents common to all countries.